X10 Khaolak Cooking Class

Thailand is world-renowned for its fabulous food. Come and join our fun and informative cooking class with our culinary expert’s friendly guidance.

    • Class is designed to be an interactive culinary experience for X10 Guests.
    • Class will consist of a tour of the X10 Vegetable Garden, along with harvesting of vegetables, ingredient preparation and the cooking class.
    • Guests will be presented with a Cooking Certificate from Head Chef Poom at the end of the experience.

Details of the Class

    Class can be booked daily from 12 noon.
    Class duration approx 2 - 3 hours.
    Max number of guests - 6 pax.
    Cost - 2100 THB (Price subject to 7% tax).

Class Itinerary

Stage 1 – X10 Vegetable Garden – Approx 30 minutes

12 noon – Guests will meet at the Main Restaurant and have a brief introduction with Chef Poom.
Guests will be then transported by shuttle bus to the X10 Vegetable Garden where they will be given a tour of the Garden. Tour will include an exploration of the gardens, the different types of vegetables and fruit trees growing on the property.
Guests will then harvest specific vegetables needed for their chosen dishes.
Guests will then be transported back to X10.

Stage 2 – Cooking Class Experience – approx 1.5 hours

Guests will cook a 3-Course Menu and will choose one course each from the dishes below:


      • Tom Yum Goong – sour and spicy prawn soup with lemongrass
      • Tom Yum Gai – sour and spicy chicken soup with lemongrass
      • Tom Kha Gai – coconut soup with chicken


      • Som Tam – spicy green papaya salad
      • Po Pia Tod – vegetable spring rolls
      • Moo Satay – grilled pork sticks with turmeric

    Main Course

      • Phad Thai noodles with your choice of chicken, pork or prawns
      • Kiew Waan Gai – green curry with chicken, eggplant and chili
      • Panang Curry with chicken or pork
      • Gai Ped Med Ma Muang – stir fried chicken with cashew nut

Chef Poom will conduct the class with a step-by-step guide on how to prepare and make each dish.
Guest will receive a COOKBOOK with the recipes inside so they can bring their learning back home and reproduce the dishes.
Guests will also receive a branded X10 apron per person.

Stage 3 – Guest lunch – approx 45 minutes

After cooking the dishes the guests will return to the main restaurant to enjoy the food they have prepared.

Stage 4 – Cooking Certificate

Presentation of Cooking Certificate and Photo with Head Chef.

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